Dustin Nagel

Bank President, Volunteer Coach, Dad, Community Champion

Involvement: Kiwanis, Hillsboro EDC, Volunteer wrestling coach, Sanford Community Board, Financial Secretary for Our Savior’s Lutheran Church

No. of years in Hillsboro: My whole life with the exception of 4 years in college

What I love about Hillsboro: What I love about Hillsboro is how close knit we are. We all share in the ups and downs that happen with members of our community. It’s amazing how quick everyone is to rally around people in their times of need. Whenever a call to volunteer is put out it isn’t long before the work is filled. I appreciate knowing the majority of people that live in town and getting to know them on a more personal level. We have great schools, businesses, churches, athletics, etc. I’m proud to call Hillsboro home.