Hillsboro includes school and child care facilities that are committed to developing each childs's individual talents and capabilities to the fullest.

K-12 Education

Hillsboro Elementary School

IMG_1927.jpgHillsboro Elementary School houses grades pre-K through 6, and is adjacent to the Hillsboro Events Center, fitness center and sports complex. 

The school includes secure entry and an innovative, interactive technology program, so your kids are guaranteed a fun learning environment. With approximately 16 students per classroom, you can feel good about the quality of education, social and life skills your child will learn.

Hillsboro High School

IMG_1953.jpgGrades 7-12 attend Hillsboro High School. This high-tech school - the first in the state to participate in the Microsoft TEALS program - provides its students with a quality education that will prepare them for graduation and life beyond high school. 

Hillsboro also has one of the most active Dollars for Scholars chapters in the nation and repeatedly has been ranked No. 1 in dollars given per student for school districts of a similar size. In 2019, each high school senior received between $500 and $5,800 for a total of $80,500 for their post-secondary education. 

The school also has an extensive list of extracurricular activities and a very strong sports program, winning recent state titles in cross country, football, basketball and track.

Child Care

BJ6Q9232.jpgHillsboro is home to two child care centers and multiple in-home child care providers, as well.

Mayville State University's Child Development Programs

Mayville State University's Child Development Programs houses a child care center in the Hillsboro armory and is a Head Start center that provides a pre-K classroom at Hillsboro Elementary School.

The Learning Circle - Hillsboro

The Learning Circle - Hillsboro is a full-service child care center located in downtown Hillsboro. The center also provides a pre-K classroom at the elementary school.

In-Home Providers

For a list of in-home child care providers, see the Traill County EDC website or contact Traill County Social Services at 701.636.5220 and ask to speak with a child care licensor about a list of licensed providers.