Programs & Incentives

Hillsboro Renaissance Zone

The Hillsboro Renaissance Zone provides tax incentives for building or improving both primary residential and commercial property within the Renaissance Zone. An application for Renaissance Zone tax incentives must be approved before improvements begin.The Hillsboro Renaissance Zone Authority, Hillsboro City Commission and the North Dakota Department of Commerce must approve all eligible rehabilitation, new construction projects and leases of property within the Renaissance Zone before projects or leases begin.

To apply for a Renaissance Zone project, review the program requirements here.  If you'd like to proceed, fill out the Hillsboro Renaissance Zone Application.

Supporting documents for Hillsboro's Renaissance Zone:

Traill County Business Assistance Application 

Traill County Economic Development Commission can provide financial assistance to new and expanding businesses in Traill County. If you have a business idea that you need help with, fill out the Business Assistance Application.  Return it to TCEDC or contact their office at 701.636.4746.

Hillsboro Economic Development Corporation

Hillsboro Economic Development Corporation works to provide opportunities to businesses and grow the community by attracting new  business development and growth. Located along Interstate 29 between two of North Dakota’s largest cities, Hillsboro is ideal for businesses and residents. Hillsboro EDC offers incentives for business and community development. For more information, contact 701.636.4746.

Property & Sales Tax Incentives

Property tax exemptions can be granted to new and expanding businesses. To apply for an exemption, download this form and return it to City Hall.

Sales tax arrangements may be negotiated. Contact the City of Hillsboro at 701.636.4620 for more information on sales tax exemptions.