Public forum on city pool set Tuesday

Jun 24, 2019 -- Posted by : compass1

By Cole Short, Hillsboro Banner

City officials will lead a public forum Tuesday night in Hillsboro to discuss options for repairing the city’s municipal pool or building a new one.

Hillsboro City Commission President Terry Sando said the hour-long meeting will be a fact-finding mission for city leaders who want input on the summer hot spot.

“A pool is a big attraction for a city even if it’s an outdoor pool,” Sando said Tuesday.

City leaders plan to review the costs associated with updating the existing pool in Woodland Park, which was built in the 1950s and requires a new liner.

Other topics slated for discussion include whether the city should pursue a new outdoor pool – and where that would go – or focus on raising funds for an indoor pool.

Sando has been a vocal supporter at city commission meetings for an indoor pool, although the price tag for that option could be in the millions.

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