Hillsboro businesses giving away turkeys

Nov 14, 2019 -- Posted by : compass1

Hillsboro Banner staff reports

For more than five decades, Hillsboro merchants have helped families celebrate Thanksgiving.

Their generosity will be apparent on Thanksgiving tables  again this year.

In celebration of Thanksgiving 2019, the Hillsboro business community is giving away approximately 40 turkeys.

At least three dozen families have received free turkeys every Thanksgiving since the campaign started in the 1960s.

The Hillsboro Banner has coordinated the turkey giveaway every year. 

This is the 56th year of the promotion.

Banner readers simply have to clip the coupons found on Pages 8-9 of the Nov. 8 issue of the Hillsboro Banner and deposit them at the participating businesses in Hillsboro.

Readers have until noon Nov. 20 to deliver their coupons.

The winners, who will be listed in the Banner that week, can pick up their frozen turkeys at Miller’s Fresh Foods in Hillsboro starting Friday, Nov. 22.

The Banner incorporated an incentive to the annual Thanksgiving turkey giveaway nine years ago.

Coupon carriers are urged to keep an eye out for Tom Turkey, a cutout worth $25 that has been strategically placed somewhere in Hillsboro’s business district.

It’s the same turkey highlighting the turkey giveaway on the coupon pages published Nov. 8 in the Banner.

Tom Turkey was not found a year ago after hiding out at Traill County Abstract and Title.

The lucky person uncovering Tom Turkey must contact the Banner to collect $25 in Hillsboro Bucks.