Flag fundraiser sets out 233 U.S. flags on Hillsboro lawns

May 29, 2020 -- Posted by : compass1

By Cole Short, Hillsboro Banner

Residents in Hillsboro woke Monday morning to find a sea of red, white and blue blanketing their front lawns on Memorial Day.

Volunteers taking part in the Hillsboro Stars and Stripes project organized by Paul Geray placed 233 U.S. flags in front of homes and businesses early Monday.

“It was amazing to see how many people care about the American flag,” Geray said.

“It gives you faith in your community when you do a patriotic project like this and the community wraps their arms around it and says ‘Yes, I want to do that.’”

Geray credited his team of volunteers, including his wife, Sheila, and other Hillsboro business owners, for making the flag-raising process run smoothly.

Volunteers split into four teams and fanned out across the city Sunday night to plant flag holders in people’s yards in preparation for Memorial Day.

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