Automotive News spotlights Hillsboro’s efforts to secure autonomous bus grant

May 1, 2019 -- Posted by : compass1

By Cole Short, Hillsboro Banner

The city of Hillsboro’s attempts to land a federal transportation grant to pay for an autonomous bus in the city have started to attract national attention.

Automotive News, a 57,000-subscriber Detroit-based newspaper that covers the automotive industry, featured Hillsboro’s pursuit of an autonomous bus in a story Saturday, April 20.

“Rural areas vie for mobility grants,” a story by reporter Pete Bigelow, opens by calling Hillsboro a city “in the middle of nowhere,” but one that’s “at the nexus of forces reshaping transportation.”

Bigelow’s story points out local farmers are using automated tractors in their fields and describes the unmanned aerial system tests taking place at Hillsboro Regional Airport.

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