Experience Hillsboro. 

Many people are familiar with Hillsboro’s perfect location – nestled in between two of North Dakota’s largest cities, conveniently located along Interstate 29, the railroad and the banks of Goose River, and surrounded by some of the world’s lushest and most fertile farmland.
It’s an unbeatable location. Really. But that’s not why many of us choose to call Hillsboro home.
We love Hillsboro for its active and friendly people, who are willing to help you out in a pinch – regardless of whether you need to borrow a cup of sugar or because a tree fell on your garage during a late-summer storm.
We love Hillsboro for its top-notch school district with its rising enrollments, modern facilities and emphasis on technology, not to mention its fiercely intimidating mascot: the burro.
We love Hillsboro because it has everything we need, from recreation to shopping to a variety of employment opportunities, such as Sanford Health, the Traill County Courthouse and Degelman Industries. And the smell of success from the nearby American Crystal Sugar plant wafts over the city on occasion. Yes, that’s what success smells like.
There’s a lot to love about Hillsboro – the location, the people and the amenities. Experience Hillsboro for yourself. We’re sure you’ll love it here, too.


Learn more about Hillsboro's newest development, Riverwalk.


From my first day in town, the whole community made me feel welcome. I knew our family would make Hillsboro home."

Randy Habeck, Owner Hillsboro Drug

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