City Commission

The Hillsboro City Commission is a legislative branch of City Government and is responsible for enacting ordinances and resolutions for the city. The city commission is made up of five members. 

Terry Sando, Commission President

Terry Sando.jpg

Portfolio: Electric, Finance and Airport

Levi Reese, Commission Vice President

Reese, Levi.jpg

Portfolio: Water, Sewer, Economic Development and Recreation District

Lorraine Tibert, Commissioner

Tibert, Lorraine.jpg

Portfolio: Police, Cemetery, Pool and Grounds

Mike Kress, Commissioner

Kress, Mike.jpg

Portfolio: Planning & Zoning, City Buildings and Personnel

Dave Sather, Commissioner

Sather, Dave.jpg

Portfolio: Streets, Fire Department and Garbage

John Juelson, City Attorney

Juelson, John.jpg